Islam worship a Hindu God?

Islam worship a Hindu God?
Sanskrit, one of the widely spoken ancient language in ancient India before the time of Christ. Ancient Indian mythologies are filled with sanskrit symbols of all kinds to represent Gods. One such symbol is the letter “Om” or “Oum” which is represents the Holy Trinity.
The holy trinity includes the Gods, “Brahma“, “Vishnu” and “Maheshwara“. Letters in each of the names are selectively chosen – “Ah” from Brahma, “U” from Vishnu, and  “M” from maheshwara.
The Crescent moon and star are the basic symbol of Islam, representing the God Allah (Maheshwara). By this we can say, Allah is none other than Hindu God “Maheshwara“, the similarities in the sign of “Aum” and the Islam’s “Crescent Moon and Star” being too obvious.
Hindu says that, Lord shiva was forbidden to be worshiped as an idol of his own image. hence, he is worshiped as “Lingam” form.
The “Holy Black Stone” inside the Kaaba is nothing, but “Lingam” of Lord Shiva, that Mohammad was said to have decapitated and left its base intact.
In Instanbul,  Turkey, there is a famous library called Makhatab-e-Sultania, which is reputed to have the largest collection of ancient West Asian literature. In the Arabic section of that library is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry from various ages.
One such anthology is known as Sayar-ul-Okul, written during Mohammad’s Era in Arabia.
The Sayar-ul-Okul is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient arabic poetry. It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia.
A Verse in Sayar-ul-Okul “Va Ahlolaha Azahu Armiman Mahadev o Manazel Hamuddine Minjum Va Sayattaru“.
Translation : “Even if only once, he sincerely worships Mahadeva (Shiva), he can attain the highest position in the path of righteousness“.
An Ancient Scripture mentioning Lord Shiva in Arabic before Mohammad’s reign?
It also mentions King Vikramaditya & his conquests of Aravasthana (Arabia) in a verse. 
The kaaba is nothing but a degenerated worship of Lord Shiva’s “Lingam Form
Even so, you know better than to believe what someone tells you, Go do your homework. 

3 thoughts on “Islam worship a Hindu God?

  1. Its not right to say, my GOD, your GOD or their GODS. Just leave GOD our creator from disputable topics. There is no GOD of Hindu, Islam, Christian, Jew. GOD never belonged to any religion, its all religion belongs to GOD was sent thru his angels to mankind. So mathematically, Hindu Veda = Zoroaster’s Veda = Abraham’s Testaments = Moses’s Torah = Jesus’s Initial Bible = Mohamed’s Al-Quran etc. Don’t Believe, go to the other side, you won’t know which religious land you are stepping on. Religion is limited to only humans and not to souls and soul worlds. Do best in your earthly life.

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