Use and effect of Chanting

Chanting Mantras for our earthly needs is actually making demands in prayer. In real prayer we trust, love and pray. No words are needed, there is no Expectation, there is no Ego, there is not Thought Flow.

How do we get the Grace of God? Fix your Eyes and Mind on the idol or the picture of your desired deity and chant the mantra with love and trust. Around the idol there is already deposited a Divine Current. While we pray our human energy is sent through the eyes to the idol. Here, our human energy merges with the Divine Energy around the idol and is transformed into a Divine Current.

This Divine Current than comes back to our body and is deposited inside us. This Super Electro Magnetic Divine Current brings forth the means to satisfy our needs. Rub an iron rod with a magnet, the iron rod also becomes a magnet. Similarly, the human energy mixes with the Divine Current and is transformed into Divine Energy. Thus we get the Grace of God. God is the Sum total of all that is the universe. Man is a small fraction of That and when the fraction demands the total supplies. This is the Law of Nature. When we chant sincerely with faith and trust it is recorded in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is capable of drawing our needs and wants from the super conscious mind. Only that much of pure energy that is sent through prayer can come back transmitted to serve you. Thus, God helps those who help themselves.

Chanting mantras is one of the ways to stop the thought flow. We also imprint our needs in the subconscious mind when we chant. When we chant, the energy becomes concentrated and is focused in a particular mantra. This focused energy is what becomes the bright deity and brings faith our needs. Mantras may be chanted with Yanthras. This way of chanting the mantra with the Yanthra produces vibrations, which are very powerful and the desired results are attained very fast.

The Yanthra and Mantra can be used to recover from illnesses and other Karmic Evils. All temples store Divine current through Yanthras. Mantras are the purest form of energy which vibrates in us as an unseen illuminated light. The amount of pure love, trust and sincerity put into the chanting of a mantra produces the equivalent results. It is important to select the correct mantra according to your need and chant with sincere love and devotion.

Chant the Mantra with love, faith, devotion and trust. Fix your eyes and mind on the idol of your choice or the picture of the idol.

Now chant silently within the mind, fixing the eyes and mind as above for two minutes.Now close the eyes and chant for one minute while visualizing the idol at the point in between the eyebrows.

Next, spread out the shining form of the idol throughout your body and imagine that you are the idol itself in a bright and shinning form.
You are now the bright God itself. At this stage there is no chanting, no concentration. Relax in this state for three minutes. This is called Maha Yoga. The effect is miraculous.

Sound produces vibrations which produces electricity says science. Chanting produces light and certain forms and figures of deities are produced according to the Mantra that is chanted. We may not be aware but these forms are imprinted on our subconscious Mind. As we continue to chant the form or figure becomes brighter and brighter inside and begins to vibrate and starts to fulfill our needs or the purpose of our chanting the particular Mantra.


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