Odisha: 3000 reconverted to Hinduism

Rourkela: The VHP on Friday claimed that over 3,000 people of 658 families from three states were reconverted to Hinduism at a function held in Sundargarh district.

People from Odisha and neighboring Jharkhand and Chhattishgarh congregated at Sundargarh town where the function, described by the VHP as “home coming”, was held yesterday.

Several people, particularly poor and uneducated tribal and dalits had converted through allurement, international executive president of VHP Pravin Togadia said at the function demanding a strict law against conversion.



7 thoughts on “Odisha: 3000 reconverted to Hinduism

  1. Heading is wrong…. No one can convert to Hinduism …. its a culture civilized in Bang of Indus…. .Moreover its an art of living bounded with culture…..I am happy people are realizing what is what… keep culture growing

  2. How a minority reaching majority,seizing authority,hates minority. is the present work going on all over India by the so called minority religion irrespective of Christian or Muslim.Once if India happen to be a state of Hindu minority,then the real war will  start in between christian and muslim to gain real power on one another.It is the duty of the Hindus in India to think about the future of our country.Future of this country is fully with the unity of Hindus of this country.Other people want to disunite Hindus on the basis of caste system.Their Radio programme  and propaganda once you watch keenly you will understand their inner motive to divide the country and its culture.

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