What determines where one goes after death?

Where the soul goes in the astral plane at sleep or death is dependent upon his earthly pursuits and the quality of his mind. If the soul body itself is evolved, it will occupy the astral/mental bodies in the Devaloka. If somebody dies in the states of anger and fear, he goes into the lower worlds of those states of consciousness. And in that realm there would be hundreds of thousands of people in that same state of consciousness. The thoughts oat death are the next samskaras of the astral body. Even if you ahve the thought, “when you are dear you are dear”, you astralbody might just float over your physical body and be dead. A lot of people who are about to die do not believe in life after death, so they remain hovering over theeir physical body when it is lifeless. Astral plane helpers have to come and wake them up and tell them that hteir physical body is dead and explain that they are all right and are alive in their astral body. It is often not easy getting the mreadjusted.

At death you leave through nerve ganglia of consciousness, a chakra. Each chakra is a window, and at death it becomes a portal, a doorway. The tunnel of light that is experienced by so many people at the point of death is the portal they are going through, the window, the chakra. Passing through the tunnel is leaving this world and going into another. So, it is the state of mind at death that gets yo into one loka or another. At moment of death, you have the opportunity to stabilize yourself in the highest chakra you have experienced in his life. The dying should always remember that the place where on will reincarnate is the place that he is thinking about prior to death. So, choose your desires wisely.

The last thought just before the death are the most powerful thoughts in creating the next life. Secret questionings and doubt of Hindu belief, and associations with other belief system will automatically place him among like minded people whose belief are alien in Hinduism. A nominal Hindu on earth could be a selfish materialist in the astral world. The Hindu also knows that death must come naturally, in its own course, and that suicide only accelerates the intensity of one’s karma, placing one in a lengthy earth bound limbo state in the astral plane bringing a series of immediate lesser births and requiring several lives for the soul to return to the exact evolutionary point that existed at the moment of suicide, at which time the still existing karmic entanglements must again be faced and resolved.


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