What is this "Soul" which never dies?

Human Soul

Human Soul

Our individual soul is the immortal and spiritual body of light that animates life and reincarnates again and again until all necessary karmas are created and resolved and its essential unity with God is fully realized. Our soul is God’s emanation creation, the source of all our higher function, including knowledge creation, the source of all our higher functions, including knowledge, will and love. Our soul is neither male or female. It is that which never dies, even when its four outer sheaths change form and perish as they naturally do. The soul body has a form just as the astral body has form. But is is more refined and is of a more permanent nature. It is this body, which reincarnates, creating around itself new physical and astral bodies, life after life. This process matures and develops the body of the soul.

The body of the soul is pure light, made of quantum. It is indestructible. It cannot be hurt or damaged in any way. IT is a pure being, created by God, maturing its way to Him in final merger. The body of the soul is constant radiance. Its mind is subconsciousness, containing all intelligence, and is constantly aware, does not sleep and is expanding awareness as the soul body matures. The body of the soul lives in the eternity of the moment, simultaneously conscious of past and future as a one cycle. The true natures, everlasting secure personal identity, is realizing oneself as the soul body. This is truly finding our roots, our source, our indestructible, ever maturing soul.


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