There are 10 bodily parts/features of Dharma

1) Satyam/Truth – Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra was an example of Satyam. Who sold himself & became a servant/das for someone & even ignored his wife & kid because he was serving as a servant

2) Daya/mercy – King Rantidev, who was a king who did not had food for 40 days & once he got some food to eat which was eatn by a dog, 2 mans, he asked for a boon to sri hari Vishnuji that give me the sufferrings of everybody, let them enjoy 7 let me face thier problems.

3) Sarnagat raksha/helping – King Shibi who removed the flesh from his tight to save/help the life of a peigon from an Eagle.

4) Daan/Charity – Sage Dadichi who gave his back bone to Lord Indra to kill the demon Vitrasura

5) Indriyanigrahah/Sense control – Narada muni, Vedvyasji & Sri Hanumanji – Sri Hanumanjis senses never works, he never desires taste, smell, talk, to touch & to hear anything material but bhagwan Sri Ram Naam is present in all his senses.

6) Socham/Cleanliness – His Holiness Srila Prabhupada use to ask his disciples to wash their mouth even after drinking water, this is our Sanskriti/purity & clealiness

7) Damostayam/Mind control – Sri Prahald Maharaj, Fully control over his mind even after his father pushed him when he was hardly 5 years old & ordered his mens to kill the Vishnu devotee Prahalad.

8) Dhirividya/Wisdom – Vidhura, Birbal, Chanakya Panditji were full of wisdom.

9) Vidhya – Sri Brahmaji the creator got knowledge of all vedas, 4 kumars/first creation, Sukdevgoswami etc

10) Asteyam/No robbery – No robbery, no examples….

Now the main part of Dharma. 10 parts of Dharma fits in 10 great personalities & all these 10 parts of Dharma fits in just one personality from the Tretayuga. BHAGWAN SHRI RAM.

Hare Krishna… Jai Mata Di….!!!!


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