Incarnations of Lord Vishnu is related to modern day evolution

Hinduism is a very deep wisdom.All the scriptures of hinduism is full of knowledge. Saints of hindus created every thing in examples so a normal human being can under stand the science that’s why the made Incarnations of Lord Vishnu which we can  relate to modern day evolution?
First Avatar – Matsya(Fish) – Creatures that live solely in water;
Second Avatar – Koorma (Tortoise)– Creatures that could live both in water and land (amphibian);
Third Avatar – Varaaha(Boar) – Creatures that solely live on land (of course with swimming ability);
Fourth Avatar – NaraSimha(Half lion Half Man) – The half-lion and half-human – a stage between Homo sapiens and animals
Fifth Avatar – Vaamana(Little Man) – The Homo sapiens with short stature;
Sixth Avatar – Parasurama – The rough and tough human (Rama with the axe);
Seventh Avatar – Sri Rama – The perfect civilized human (Rama with a bow & noble practices);
Eighth Avatar – BalaRama – The human with occupational skills (Rama with the plough – agriculture is his occupation)
Ninth – Bhagwan Sri Krishna – The Superhuman (Original manifestation)!
Tenth Avatar – Kalki – The apocalyptic (The one who would end this Mahayuga!)
Hare Krishna…

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