Islamic Allah v/s Hindu Bhagwan

Difference between Allah’s & Bhagwan’s words!!

Allah says “Do not try to find me in idols. Worship me as unseen and you will go to heaven.”

Bhagwan says “You have the freedon to worship me in any form. I am not concerned about that. I am only concerned about the true faith you have for me in your heart.”

Allah says “Pray 5 times a day. Only then I will be happy & send you to heaven”.

Bhagwan says “First take time to accomplish your duties & responsibilities. I’ll be happy if you call my name even a single time in a day with true faith”

Allah says “Eat only Halal food & then you will go to heaven”.

Bhagwan says “I am not concerned about what you eat. However, I’ll be happy if you skip your meal & offer that food to the one who is starving”.

Allah says “Kill idolators wherever you find them. You will go to heaven.” (Mentioned in Quran)

Bhagwan says “I do not want you to kill my own creations for no reason. However, you have the right to kill someone if he/she is posing a threat to your life, your loved ones life or to the society (which includes Hindus, Muslims & everybody).

Allah says “Love your fellow Muslims as they are your brothers & sisters. And those who are non-muslims & those who do not believe in Allah, keep yourself away from them as they are Kaafirs”.

Bhagwan says “Love each and every creation of mine irrespective of their religion. Love even those who do not believe me and those who are atheists. I do not feel bad if people do not trust me or believe in me as I am the most mercifull. I do not have ego problem like humans & I do not punish some one for not believing me. Instead, I do miracles and make that person himself come towards me”

Allah says “Do not drink alchohol if you want to go to heaven.”

Bhagwan says “I have given you a beautiful brain which I have’nt given to animals. Use it and find out if alchohol is good or bad for you. Regarding going to heaven or hell, it will be judged based on your good deeds and sins, and not based on what you drink or eat.”

Allah says “Kill a Chameleon & you will get a booty for it.”

Bhagwan says “I do not want you to kill my creations for no reason. You can kill someone only if he causes a threat to you, your loved ones or the society.”

Allah sayssays “You have the right to have sex with your slave women.”

Bhagwan says “I’ll love you if you respect women as woman is a giver of life. Any evil act against a woman is an evil act against me. I will punish you for such evil acts.”

Allah says “You should bow down only in front of me as I am the supreme creator. You should not bow down in front of a human. You should not even touch your parent’s feet. By doing this, you will offend me, make me angry and will go to hell.”

Bhagwan says “Maatru Devo Bhawa, Pitru Devo Bhawa!! You have never seen me. But you have seen your parents. You have seen them sacrificing for your future. You have seen them crying when you get hurt. You seen them do everything they can for your better future. Therefore, for you, they should be not less that God. You do have the right to touch their feet. By doing this, you will not make me angry. Instead, you will make a special place for yourself in my heart.

If you cannot respect your parents and your elders, how can I expect you to respect me? After seeing everything your parents have done for you, still if you do not respect them, how can I expect you to respect the unseen?”

Allah says “Only by being a Muslim, you can go to heaven.”

Bhagwan says “No matter what your religion is. Only by being a GOOD HUMAN, you will go to heaven”


46 thoughts on “Islamic Allah v/s Hindu Bhagwan

  1. The difference in quality, in theological terms is so extreme one wonders how some people still cling to some retrogade, intolerante systems of faith… Jay Hind!

  2. Since his childhood his heart had been full of hatred for these
    idols. He could not understand how a sane person could make a statue and then worship what he had made.
    He noticed that these idols did not eat, drink or talk and they could not even turn themselves right side up if someone turned them upside down.
    How, then could people believe that such statues could harm or benefit them?
    What surprised him was the way his people behaved when they entered the temple; they bowed and started to cry, begging and imploring their gods for help as if the idols could hear or understand these requests!

  3. Zaid Hunk Why you worship towards kaba i knwo you will say Kaba is Qibla (direction) and since we Muslims believe in unity, we face in the direction of Kaba while praying.
    My Comments:
    1. We believe in unity according to muslim! More than 100 sects of Islam today are in support of his claim! Sunni, Shia, Qadiyani, Khoja, Wahabi, Bohra…..all support him with unity! Can anyone still dare to ask him that if muslims were/are so united, how could more than 100 sects within Islam come into existence?
    2. Timing of Namaj can never be same in even a single country let check only india there is 1 hour difference between delhi and mumbai for same time of namaj it means when muslim from delhi will complete there prayer and doing somthing else muslim from mumbai will be praying. So they pray unite. watch the timing of prayer on below link… 3. What is the need of unity during the prayers? Should not one be free to pray as per one’s own choice? If unity is required everywhere then why not eat, drink, and sleep at the same time and in same direction? If I want to pray in any direction, why will not God accept it?

    4. Many Muslims pray alone in their houses most of the times. How does Qibla (direction) matter in this case when there is no one to get united?

    5. Do Muslims actually have unity in direction while prayers? When a Muslim in east of Mecca faces west, at the same time a Muslim in west of Mecca faces east! Both face opposite to each other! If muslim says this as unity then two armies facing each other should also be considered as united and thus friends!

    6. To which direction a Muslim will bow, who is just opposite of Mecca on spherical earth ? He has both options to bow to his east or west! How does the concept of unity work there?

    7. Very few Muslims know that inside Kaba, no direction is needed. People can face and bow down to any direction they want. This exposes the fallacies of muslim’s claim of unity blatantly. muslim says that Muslims should bow down to one direction only, so that they can remain united. One can ask him; don’t Muslims inside Kaba need unity? And if they can remain united without bowing down to a common direction inside Kaba, why can’t they do it outside too?

    8. This is very strange that after so much of efforts to remain united, today, most of the bombers and their victims are Muslims!

    9. Uthmaan, third Caliph of Islam, compiler of modern Quran was killed by none other than Muslims led by Aisha’s brother and Abu Bakr’s son while he was offering prayer. Can there be a greater example of unity during prayers than this? (Remember that Aisha was Muhammad’s beloved child wife with whom Allah had divinely fixed his marriage!)

    • Bro:
      If you don’t know about Islam then STOP asking stupid questions. By the way Muslims believe in one ALLAH. But Hindus believes in a lot. Why do Hindus has a lot of Gods? Can’t Krishna handle this entire world? I think he can’t that’s why he had to made a lot Gods and then he shared his all duties with others as well. According to Indians Inder Ganesh do the rain process, science already proofed it that rain happen because of Water Cycle. Now a days a lot people in this world reads Quran and believes in it. Even though scientist said it that the things we just invented or just come to know about was already written in Quran. If you don’t know Amitab Bachan started read Quran as well. And in his interview he said that we all should read Quran.
      If you don’t know about other religions then stop arguing.

      • What is Allah what is GOD have u saw him . But doesn’t mean that u should not belief have true faith in him .Give more importance to your mother and father who had shown u this world thanyou

  4. Kaba is the symbol of three goddess of ancient arebia (Al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat) which can easily understood by many videos on you tube there there is 3 piller inside the kaba which are not required as per its building and when some one enter into the kaba there is sign of sun and venus and from inside there is one more gate which take you to the roof and there is sign of moon……any one can see the video of kaba on you tube and can check these things……

  5. Ratheesh Ravindran: Why do u keep Moon as a symbol ?
    Answer: Who said we keep Moon as a Symbol ???? I thing you are keeping an eye on the wrong guys…
    Our Symbol is – There is none worthy of worship except ALLAH

    Ratheesh Ravindran: Difference between Allah's & Bhagwan's words!!

    My Answer : Where is the Reference of what all U have mentioned about Allah says this , Allah Says that…If you can give me the reference for that I will be very happy brother.
    And You Have interpreted meanings the wrong way when you say that "Allah says "Kill idolators wherever you find them. You will go to heaven." (Mentioned in Quran) – Can you please tell me where this is mentioned in Quran ?

    My Answer : (Allâh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allâh loves those who deal with equity.) (Chapter Al-Mumtahanah 60): Verse 8)

  6. Your Question :
    Why Kaaba has only these many pillars and why not that many ?

    My Question :
    What if I ask you the same question : Why does your home structure have so many pillars or say 10 pillars for instance.
    What will be your answer ? : Your Answer most probably will be : It is my Home and I designed it to be that way …

    Similarly Kaaba is the House of ALLAH and Prophets Built it the way ALLAH Commanded them to build it – So Simple.

    Still If you have any issues on this topic ..then I may only say that I was not the one who engineered Kaaba.

  7. Zaid Hunk just give me what quran you beleive is actual and real quran on internet because if i will give you refrence of allah's word to kill the infidel and get heaven you will say that its not actual quran if wrong translation or blah blah blah… i am giving you chance to give me authentic link which you can claim is original quran…..

  8. Zaid Hunk every thing has some logic and meaning so when any one build their house they make pillers based on requirement not like that. if you check the width and height of kaba and widht of walls any builder in world can tell you that these three pillers are not required in this small room these are only built for some other reason can you describe what was the reason of making these three not required piller and why only three why not 2 or 4

    Second question where is this written in quran that you should take 7 circumulation of kaba and what is the meaning of these 7 round………








  10. Almighty Allah recounted:
    "Recite to them the story of Abraham. When he said to his father and his people. "What do you
    worship?" They said: "We worship idols, and to them we are ever devoted." He said: "Do they
    hear you when you call on them? OR do they benefit you or do they harm you?" They said: "Nay
    but we found our father doing so." He said: "Do you observe that which you been worshiping, You and your ancient fathers?
    Verily! They are enemies to me, save the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists);
    Who has created me and it is HE Who guides me and it is HE Who feeds me and gives me to
    drink. And when I am ill, it is He who cures me; and Who will cause me to die and then will
    bring me to life again and Who I hope will forgive me my faults on the Day of Resurrection."
    (Ch 26:69-82 Quran).

    • First of all it is not any where in HOLY QURAN……. HOLY QURAN DID NOT used that kind of rough language as you people are saying about that…. HOLY QURAN said kill only those people who kill Muslims…. kill those who throw you out of your homes…. kill those who had killed your rights…. but never take revenge more than that they did with you…. because Allah does not like EXPECT….. and never kill women, children and old people… just kill those who kill you… that is…..

        First of all it is not any where in HOLY QURAN……. HOLY QURAN DID NOT used that kind of rough language as you people are saying about that…. HOLY QURAN said fight with only those people who kill Muslims…. fight with those who throw you out of your homes…. fight those who had killed your rights…. but never take revenge more than that they did with you…. because Allah does not like EXPECT….. and never kill women, children and old people… just kill those who kill you… that is…..

  11. What is Hell,What is Haven,No body knows any thing to this date.There is a saying in Tamil"Vindavan Kandathilai" and "Kandavan Vindathillai" The person Who Talk  more about God is not yet seen the God and the Person who  saw God never revel it to any one. This is the secret of GOD.God will give human beings enough brain to understand the glory of truth and the agony and pain of the falsehood (Untruth) Please understand GOD is totally love personified and he will never create fear in the minds of people.If you commit right you will be happy and others too will be happy.but if you create pain,falsehood,mental tension to others,every thing will bounce back to you with in no time,when you feel you are happy. Curse of the poor and truthful person never let you free to keep you happy.That is true and also certain.Never commit wrong  to others and suffer.Try to do some thing good for others and keep your entire family happy.

  12. Why do you hate them when Bhagwan said this:-

    Bhagwan says “Love each and every creation of mine irrespective of their religion. Love even those who do not believe me and those who are atheists. I do not feel bad if people do not trust me or believe in me as I am the most mercifull. I do not have ego problem like humans & I do not punish some one for not believing me. Instead, I do miracles and make that person himself come towards me”.

    it's not our place to judge….just be a good human…

  13. when we analyse the above comparison between the words of the gods of two religion we can understand the truth that the believes of hindu religion is very old as before introducing the islamic philosophies that is why we can understood that the every view point of the hindu believes con be created from the head of an ordinary  people.

  14. arrey apne bhagwan ke samne filmy gaane pe nange naach karne walo, bhagwan ke samne sheela ki jawani aur munni badnaam hui gaana baajane walo, navratri me ashleel harkat karke sex karne walo, holi me bhaang peeke ashleel harkat karne walo, har parthar aur insaan ko bhagwan samajkar uske ke saamne sar jhukaa ne walo, tum hum musalmano ko kehte ho ham galat hai.

    • Use your head and stop being a moron. No matter wherever you dance, whenever you dance, you are always doing it infront of God. God is everywhere. God is omnipresent. Moreover the idol of a deity is just an idol which has no life in it, but just a representation. Hindus don’t believe that idols are God, rather they are representations of a manifestation.

      Muslims have only false ego and nothing to be proud of. Muslims believe that bowing down is something low and that’s why they are backward than any other community. There are only 2.5 crore Jews in the world and they have won more than 180 Nobel Prizes, most in Science. While there are more than 150 crore Muslims in the world, and they have won only 9 Nobel Prizes, most in Peace(no credit in winning in that category). Even the first Asian to win the Nobel was Rabindranath Tagore – a Hindu. Hindus are working in top positions in NASA, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Development and the list goes on and on……….Muslims are nowhere.

      Islam is a man made religion based on lies and hatred, Quran is totally copied from Bible and Torah; while there is no known creator of Hinduism, it has existed since the dawn of civilizations, it is eternal.

  15. KAFIRO……… Jis din qayamat ajaygi us din jab tum logon k sammnay AAG se bharakti hui Dozakh laie jayge gi tab tum logon k muunh buray ho jaingay….. aur tumharay buut tumharay khilaaf fawahi daingay…. phir hmesha usi jahanum mein rehna hoga … na wahan mot aye gi aur na he koi sunay ga……….

    • now u see the difference ….the language of koran itself speaks in azan mallicks mouth….kafir….not any such word been used by any hindu scriptures…

    • Obviously right….they’re Jews they don’t use their brains..such that the difference is clear…it’s final Allah is One and only one….
      . Allah Said,
      . (In Urdu, Hindi)
      . Jab in kafiroon ke chehray dozakh ki aag me latkaye jaein ge ye log bolein ge, ke hum ne to apne sardaroon ka kaha mana tou unhoon ne humein galat rastey laga dia, aey hamaray rub inheen dugni saza de aur bari lanat Kar……..!!!!(Qur’an soorat-e-Ehzaab)
      Abhi bhi iman na Lao to meri taraf se aur khuda ki taraf se lanat he kaafrooon….

  16. Yaar… Allaha ya Bhagaban Ya God… Finally ek hi to baat boli….believe on my creation…. maintain it … and try to make more beautiful for your future generation….. that’s all … I’ll be alive for 1000 or 1000000 years with your hope.

  17. Comparision between allah and bhagwaan is something foolish..
    bhagwaan and allah means the same.
    Its we cruel people that has divided god.
    shame on us….

  18. Allah also says don’t get friendships with Americans and fucking Hindus…..We’re Muslims and have proud on us even the others are Jews…We have only one God that’s Allah and the Last Prophet PBUH….If you have to find Allah ?? Don’t.worry get Conversations with his creations birds, animals and his whole universe Man…!!!

  19. Global Hindu,,,,, Why there is no Hindus in globally. Where ever you go you will find Muslims as a origin of country. Why hindus are in only india. Why bhagawan only in india. Why there is no hindu country in this word.

  20. Once upon a time hindus dominated the world bt nw muslim bitches are found everywhere bcz they give birth to innumerable piglets who illegaly enters every country for spreading terror and capturing it

  21. if i try to find any logic on Islamik rule it means i am most stupid person of world .
    – cut goat brutishly , you will get heaven becoz you sacrificed..
    – Earth is Flat..

  22. bro krishana handle the whole world and he also represent his whole qualities in his “virat roop” but he want to explain that the world is not exist without every ones support so he show his qualities in many characters he give futile and punishment for every creatures good and bad work . but allah who is allah and where he exist before pegambar sahab, I know u have not any answer but we have answer that where is eswar exist before the Lord krishana and lord ram sanathan Dharm is the oldest and faith full religions in whole brahmand not only in world.

  23. First talk that Allah is one and only second that you have no right to say anything about our lord Allah third that if you really want the answer than Allah wins and Allah is right and bhagwan is wrong

  24. First talk that Allah is one and only second that you have no right to say anything about our lord Allah third that if you really want the answer than Allah wins and Allah is right and bhagwan is wrong

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