24 Buddhist and Hindu temple burnt in Bangladesh: Rights Body

A Delhi based rights body has petitioned Prime Minster Manmohan Singh and UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon seeking an end to attacks against religious minorities in Bangladesh. The plea follows the burning down of 24 Buddist and Hindu temple in Bangladesh by Islamic radical groups apparently in relation to the drive Muslim Rohingiyas.

“We we received the report the last report on Sep 30 midnight, fanatics had burnt down 22 Buddhist and two Hindu temple beside torching 100 house belonging to Buddhist minorities across Chittagong division” Asian centre for Human Rights Suhas Chakma said from New Delhi.

While bangladeshi minorities have been at the receiving end, Hindus in the US have taken offence to American Political satirist and host Stephen Colbert depicting them as a tribe of some stocky primitive furred creatures jumping in the woods.

“Everywhere you looked, there are black people, Asian people, Latinos, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus…..” Colbert said in the Colbert Report and simultaneously showed the picture of an African-American, an Asian, A Latino, a Jew and a Sikh. But while depicting Hinus, he showed what appeared to be a group of stocky furred creatures in the forest.

“This depiction is highly insulting and unacceptable to one billion Hindus worldwide” said the US-based University Society of Hinduism president Rajan Zed. He sought apologies from Colbert and Philippe Dauman, president of the TV parent company Viacom.


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