Christian youth adopts Hindu Dharma under the purification drive of ‘Hindu Mahasabha’

On 28th October 2012 at 12.30 p.m., a function was held in ‘Hindu Mahasabha’s office at Parel, to purify and adopt Mr. Rocky Pal Olivera in Hindu Dharma. After adoption, his name has been changed to ‘Rakesh Hindustani’. There is huge influence of Swatantrya Veer Savarkar’s ideology on Mr. Rakesh. He has been working with RSS and Bajarang Dal for a number of years and has held important posts in these organizations.

While expressing his views, Mr. Rakesh Hindustani said, “It is my goal to be a ‘dot’ amongst Hindus and continuously work for ‘Hindutva’.” Mr. Prasad Vadake of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) said, “Few intellectuals say, “Show us miracle”; now a Christian person working for ‘Hindutva’ for the last ten years, is adopting Hindu Dharma under Vaidik system. What other miracle do they want ?”

Mr. Rakesh Hindustani was presented books titled ‘Dharmantar an Dharmantaritan che Shuddhikaran’ and ‘Prarthana’ on behalf of HJS.  Information about insulting statements made by Dr. Zakir Naik on Shri Ganesh was given to the dignitaries present on the occasion.  Mr. Madhav Nagarkar, a senior leader of Hindu Mahasabha, Mr. Pramod Joshi, its national spokesperson, Mr. Anup Keni, Maharashtra Zonal President, Mr. Govind Pawar, its President for Thane District, Mr. Dinesh Bhogale, its spokesperson for Maharashtra, Mr. Harish Shelar, its Secretary for Mumbai District, Bajarang Dal’s Mr. Amol Desai etc. attended the program.


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