California parents upset over yoga in schools

ENCINITAS, CA – Just when you thought you’ve heard it all along comes a group of parents in Encinitas, California livid with the school district for their new twice a week yoga program for students.

The group claims the school’s yoga program is a religious indoctrination of Hinduism.

Come on people, really?

In fact, balance, flexibility and strength are the lessons of the each class.

District officials say it’s all part of a larger initiative to help students be more healthy and active.

Kristen McCloskey, the schools yoga instructor, said, “We’re really hoping this will help the kids feel more focused when they’re in the classroom.”

Some of the parents have even asked for their children to be taken out of the yoga classes all because they are convinced, for some reason, their kids are being taught Hinduism.

However, McCloskey, says the class is anything but that, “Yes of course the roots of yoga is based in Hinduism, but as I said it’s very westernized now and we as Americans to gain the physical and mental benefits of it. It is purely the physical and the mental benefits that we’re trying to convey to the children.”

District officials are confident the benefits will outweigh the criticism.

It is awesome school officials have not given in to these parents. Plus we wouldn’t be surprised if this group of parents is part of some religious cult or something.


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